a mountain vista

I rose and packed camp early in anticipation of another hot day, hoping to get past the anticipated steep and challenging climb out of Radium Hot Springs. I was on the bike by 7:15. The ride to Radium (38km) was uneventful. A short climb, some spectacular scenery, and a early heat provided a indication of what was to come. I stocked up on supplies, not knowing if I would make it to Banff and what services were available prior to Kootenay Park Lodge. The adventures of the day provided many more photo’s than any other day.

enterring Banff Natiopnal Park

I crossed into Banff National Park, crested the Continental Divide and entered Alberta just after 5:30, having come 135km in just over 7 hours. The heat of the days was subsiding and in my weariness I decided to push on for Banff rather than camp at Castle Junction. I started to have thoughts of staying in a bed.

The Rocky Mountain Firest District

Another warm day. I rose at 5:30 and left Yahk PP at 6:45. I started the morning not sure of how far I would ride/where I would end up — partly based on the disturbed sleep of the night before. I was buoyed by the impending site of the Rockies, something I not experienced since 2001. I entered the ‘Mountain Time’ zone at 7:40/8:40am, and soon after passed the sign welcoming travelers to the Rockiy Mountains district.