tour one

Leaving Hamilton and looking back from the top of the Niagara Escarpment

Barring any unforseen arisings, I will be departing on the oft-referred-to ride to Tobermory this afternoon. The late start is due to circumstance and it will make for around 90km today I guess (or less) and I expect to be camping somewhere around Elora.

The forecast keeps changing with the most recent (after predictions of sunny weather) being thunder-showers for this afternoon/tomorrow. Might lead to an interesting ride and evening. I can't wait to be outside in a big storm if it does come. I am excited to be finally heading off — and also to camp after so long! I was last in my tent in Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island in October!

Last minute checks on gear, cleaning my bike, getting some dried fruits, checking routes, thinking back later on how I forgot something so important!

The prelude: We ended up leaving a little before 9pm, riding through Dundas and climbing the Niagara Escarpment along highway(?) 8. We ride approx. 20km during the remaining daylight hour. We pulled up at the Beverly Community Centre (near Rockton) and set up camp on the far side of the tennis court under a decent-sized tree.

Light drizzle began around 4am (we were sleeping outside) and eased around 6am. At around 8:30 it started to rain and we relocated to the large picnic shelter across from the community centre building...

The first nights camp, behind the tennis courts at the Beverly Community Centre