Stokes Creek, Dharawal National Park.

Some friends who occasionally cycle ask wanted to enjoy a ride on a trail, away from cars that was scenic and on the easier end of the spectrum. I recommended to 10B Fire trail in Dharawal National Park. A mostly flat and quite ride out and back as far as you like.

I have enjoyed many a ride through Dharawal, mostly solo, and enjoy the area. It's relatively quiet out there and I have been fortunate to rarely see others when doing so. There are also a number of spectacular spots within the area, and I am certain there are many more I am yet to either be aware of or have found.

For this trip, we started at the Appin Road end of the 10B fire trail, and the plan was to ride around 10km in and turn back. I was on my Surly Pugsly, accompanied by three moutnain bikes (two Trek Skye 29ers and an older 26 bike). I attempted to take cues from these friends regarding when we should turn back, trying to ensure we did not push to far. We seemed to be doing well, and kept riding towards Stokes Creek.

There is a good descent down into the creek, which is a nice spot in and of itself. It was a perfect day to jump in for a swim too. Good preparation to tackle the climb back out, which has a pretty good grade.

After the climb out from Stokes Creek, and the ride back to Appin Road, it became evident that 10B has a continues incline to in that direction (the the south). Not necessarily a significant one, though an include all the same. It does require some fitness as it can be a little taxing for occasional cyclists, especially being the return leg.

A good days outing, even if we pushed it a little far.