Day 1: Vancouver to Squawkum Park

Western Canada tour

BOB Ibex all loaded and ready to go

Given that I was up until close to 4am the night before, I had a bit of a late start today. I was off and on my bike around 10:30. I was unsure how far I would get, aiming for somewhere between Mission and Hope (interesting town names!). The Fraser Valley is very flat, and I stopped in the late afternoon, not wanting to push too far on my first day, at Squawkum Park.

First stop of the day was Commercial Drive to pick up some snacks. Being a Sunday, not much was open at that hour. I set off along the Adanac/Union/Frances bike route towards Simon Fraser University. The Burnaby Mountain Parkway provided a good uphill as a prelude to the many passes to come. The run down to other side provided speeds around 60km/h. It was then onto the Lougheed Highway (Hwy 7) which I followed through to my destination.

The Lougheed Highway was not too bad a route given that I was working my way out of the city. Being a Sunday provided for far less traffic and a less stressful ride. I did take a couple wrong turns, some based on following bike detour signs that led me in the wrong direction. I stopped at Mission for some lunch in the garden of the information/visitors centre, located on the east side of town.

Given how flat the Fraser Valley is, it was a good run, though I enjoyed getting off the bike at the end of the (short) day as well to catch up on some sleep. The Squawkum Park campground (44314 Lougheed Highway) was situated on the west side of Harrison Bay between Lake Errock and Harrison Mills. I rode back to the store at Lake Errock to pick from the limited supplies for dinner/breakfast, not knowing there was a store closer just east of the campsite.

Fraser Valley, looking south/south-east
Fraser Valley, looking east/south-east
Squawkum Park
Squawkum Park