An afternoon outing

After days of strong winds alongside the intermittent rain, I was quite antsy to get on my bike. That the ride to Tobermory is looking like having a Wednesday start (the forecast is nice) I also wanted to get some kms behind me. So I went for a bit of a ride this afternoon!

The weather was still pretty shitty this morning, with a 20km/hr wind as well. I set myself a deadline to leave around one — and was glad I did after a few minutes on the bike. I rode along the Hamilton-Brantford rail trail again, this time going to distance to Brantford. I didn't push myself super hard, but still tried to make good time. After I hit the 50km mark somewhere near/in waterworks park, I turned and headed back the same way.

It was a nice ride, despite some section of the trail being not in the best state and the headwind being a bit tedious at times. I am a little fatigued after the ride — it was nice to get out and also to see a few other people enjoying the day off here — lots of older people riding which was great!