A short fast ride

Platform at the 'Summit Bog': Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail

I went for a short and fast ride yesterday. I went without the trailer as it was unpacked (the ride to Tobermory has been delayed until late next week) and as it was late in the day, i tried to ride with some speed.

I ventured along the Hamilton—Brantford Rail Trail again, making the same distance as my previous ride with the trailer loaded. I pushed my speed for the 12km of steady incline, trying to stay above 25km/hr (on the ride with the trailer, my speed was closer to 19km/hr or less). It was an enjoyable ride up to Summit Bog as it is known, where the trail flattens out near the peak of the Niagara Escarpment.

I had remembered my camera on this ride and took a couple shots when I stopped for a few minutes at the bog before the descent. Bad light and my poor photography skills (a focus on the tree's, rather than a pre-focus on the bike) are clear.

On the descent I also tried to keep up a good pace, and averaged for the most part around 35km/hr on the gravel/hard pack stone trail. An enjoyable short ride...