Trailer: first rides

After spending a few hours in my office (to make up for some of the time I will be riding over the next week), I hitched the Yakima Big Tow trailer, loaded it up a went on a short ride of a little over 20km. This was my first time out with it loaded - I hitched it up (empty) yesterday for a trip around the block to see what the feel was like. At first I could notice the extra weight, but not for long. Acceleration was not as quick, and it still had a little bounce (far less than when empty). Once going the momentum was quite good and a good cruising speed was easy enough to obtain. Handling wise, it is somewhat unnoticeable...

I had read some reviews so was aware of the implications for breaking. A u-turn requires a bit more room too. I tried to ride a diversity of terrain - busy city streets, cycleways, crushed gravel trail and light sand. Sand was a little tricky and if I come across any of this with the trailer fully loaded it may the a time that hopping off the bike and pushing is required. I had a quick try on some rough (compact) dirt climbs and this was no an issue at all - will probably be the only times I will use the granny gear!

Given the diversity of terrain i rode on the short ride today, i discovered the major bonus of having the trailer hitched: cars gave me a wide berth. I am not sure whether it comes down to looking more serious as a rider, the addd bulk, the increased visible profile or the image of something different?