My Cannondale 1983s loaded up with a full complement of Arkel GT series panniers!

In September 2010 I picked up a 1983 Cannondale, my first touring bike. With the cooling weather (north American Fall) and working long hours I was not able to take it out on any long rides (and thus, nothing noteworthy to post—I may in the future reflect on my experiences all-weather commuting through the Canadian winter). As the weather warmed in 2011, I was finally able to take this bike out on a few rides, and to prepare for a longer trip. As part preparation, I rode from St Catharines to the MEC at Burlington and back.

Cayuga Lake, shortly after dawn, looking east.

After having three days with amazing friends at Farm Sanctuary and around Ithaca - a very friendly place for vegans, I packed my trailer and headed into the Ithaca co-op around 8am. After grabbing a 'breakfast burrito' and a couple muffins I said my final goodbyes.

having a break alongside the Eerie Canal

I arose a little before 5am — after a very broken, sticky sleep. After packing my gear, l departed a little before 5:30, deciding to give the NY State bike route (i.e. road riding) another attempt. I headed south to bike route 5/highway 31A. I followed this to Spencerport before detouring a little south, then east following route markers and trying to avoid Rochester. I ended up on highway 252A/252 and followed this through to Pittsford.

Niagara Falls, Canadian side

After hitching up my trailer, I left Westdale (Hamilton) a little before 8am. I rode along Aberdeen towards the base of the escarpment rail trail. At the end of the rail trail, after the ride up the Niagara Escarpment, I turned east along Stone Church Road. I missed the turn at Winterberry Drive, ending up riding through Valley Park to make my way back to Highland Road — I have missed this turn on a number of rides now. My intention was to follow Highland Road to its end and head towards Smithville.