Critical Mass, riding and planning

Critical Mass Sydney, passing St James Station

I have tentative plans to do a 7 or so day ride starting at the Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains (NSW, Australia) and heading South towards Wombeyan Caves. From there I will likely ride south-east towards Mittagong, and possibly head north from there. I have put this trip off a few times, and not sure when I will be able to get to it.

In light of this, my riding of late has focussed on keeping up a little bit of fitness, rather than anything exciting. I participated in the annual Critical Mass bike ride across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a number of rides around [Kentlyn}(, and a couple rides from Oftord along the coast road and cycleway to Wollongong. I have included some pictures from the Bridge ride, and around Kentlyn. I have also added a photo a my new rear rack...

I left my previous rear rack in Canada. A new rack was also required to accommodate my Arkel briefcase pannier (discontinued). As I currently rely on a single bike, the short wheelbase required a larger pannier — or at least a pannier set further back — to prevent heel strike. After coming up empty for a long period of time, I stumbled across the Old Man Mountain Red Rock (discontinued). I finally managed to pick one of these up from Cheeky Transport (now closed, was the only Australian stockist) after waiting for new stock to come in. I think the rise in the $AUD saved me from some pain, though the rack still cost around $130. Whislt far from cheap, my initial experiences wit the rack are very good.

The mounting and hardware is very solid, and much more so than pretty much every rack I have seen. The extra long top shelf also sets this rack apart. After one of the Oftord to Wollongong rides, the length of the rack got a test — the picture says it all

Freres Crossing, Kentlyn, Georges River
Upstream from Freres Crossing, Kentlyn, Georges River
Freres Crossing, Kentlyn, Georges River
Sydney Harbour Bridge, from Cahill Expressway
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Red Rock Rear Rack