Critical Mass Sydney, passing St James Station

I have tentative plans to do a 7 or so day ride starting at the Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains (NSW, Australia) and heading South towards Wombeyan Caves. From there I will likely ride south-east towards Mittagong, and possibly head north from there. I have put this trip off a few times, and not sure when I will be able to get to it.

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii (Jade Conoe), by Bill Reid. Vancouver International Aiaport.

I have been in Vancouver for a few days now, reading up on some recent trip logs and refining the route i will take. This has enabled me to determine topography and actual climbs that i will be riding. Some are more than a little intimidating and impressive at the same time. I am feeling a little daunted and have some excited anticipation for the ride.

My flight from Sydney (Australia) to Vancouver (Canada) has reinforced some past thoughts—the most clear being that I actually look forward to travelling with a pack and nothing else. As an aside, airlines are getting finicky about travelling with gear.

I picked my bike up from one of the lbs today. Instead of replacing the faulty seal in the headshok, they replaced the entire front end (fork and headshok) under warranty fortunately!