Flying with my bike, round 2

Western Canada tour

My flight from Sydney (Australia) to Vancouver (Canada) has reinforced some past thoughts—the most clear being that I actually look forward to travelling with a pack and nothing else. As an aside, airlines are getting finicky about travelling with gear.

I arrived at the airport before the check-in counters were open, and still only just made it through to the gate just before boarding (more than 2.5 hours to process). I had to repack my CELLO (bike and trailer) twice after being told that it was 'too heavy' to be taken on a plane. When i previously travelled with my bike, I had my shoes inside the case as well. On this trip, I had my shoes in with my luggage. I also had to take my pedals out to make the weight!

On this flight my CELLO sufferred a little more superficial damage and my (new) luggage was also damaged (bent the steel housing of the retractable handle). More generally, I did not enjoy being handed food with cheese in it after not only booking a vegan meal and re-confirming this the day before the flight. Perhaps I was too optimistic after being directly given the option of a vegan meal on booking.

After the long flight, and listening to a child scream through all the 'night' I arrived somewhat fresh (despite the need for a shower, and some food) in Vancouver.